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About Monica Horvath – Head Psychic Advisor at Moni Care Agency 6658:

**The time has come for me to speak about myself. I am hungarian from Transilvania / Romania**DRACULA LAND** In my childhood, I woke to the sound of birds chirping, I bathed in the morning dew,MY CROWN was made of field flowers with all their hues**substituting for precious stones.**I inherited my heart of GOLD from my two loving parents.**The passage of time was indicated by church bells and, as the sun set, I used to fall asleep in my mother's loving arms. The forest and the fields were my playground, the creek was my bathroom, the cool water of the riverhead quenched my thirst, and I was nourished by the fruits of the woods and the fields. The animals of the forest and fields were my friends with whom I used to talk. Whenever I wanted to hear a human voice, I always liked to hear the stories of white-haired old people. I could have listened to them forever. That would be the end of my childhood tale.**Even I studied Philosophy and History.  Now, at age of 62 at the UNIVERSITY OF EARTHLY EXISTENCE *THE ETERNAL LOVE* I regained my inherited talent  psychics and mediums which I now want to pass on to you.You can always count on me if you meet an obstacle samewhere in the course of your life.I hope that your souls will be more enriched in your own Countries.**Thank you for your attention and forgive me if I intruded on ny of your dormant souls with which I am familiar because it is only known to **THE GREAT SPIRIT**after all YOU LIVE HERE ON INDIANS LAND.

***THE SECRET STEP TOO FAR***ART OF FREEDOM***I am telling you the truth beause I know everybody on the whole word***so that it is better for you and for also for all the others SOME JUDGING ALL OF US**FAITHLESS LITTLE GODS**to be informed by my person regarding the truth that**THERE NO EXISTS NO MAN AT ALL ON EARTH AT PRESENT IN 2012**OUR PRESENT DAY WORLD IS A WAR BURST AMONG GODS WAGED DOWN THE EARTH** 

**As far as the HOLY WARS are concerned it has been established through the course of history that they were never holy.Unfortunately the *HOLY*adjetive was applied at
all time and all ages.**TRULY HOLY PEOPLE NEVER EXPLODED ANYTHING**they simply awaited their fate and the **PASSAGE OF TIME INTO IMMORTALITY**
INDEED IN EVERY AGE places were built for humanity HOUSES AND CHURCHES where one could enter at any time to get unburdened and avail oneself of spiritual and
physical nourishment.**AND WERE ONE'S SOUL AND BODY WOULD ALWAYS BE WELCOMED BY SOMEONE**At such a place instead of the sound of connons,specially composed music would be heard and through acting outas a reminder of the **FUTILITY OF HUMAN STUPIDITY**everything would be done to wake you
from your stupor of a 1.000 years or perhaps 10 or 100.000 / hundred thousand years.**ONE CAN FIND PEOPLE WHO PLAY AT BEING SAINTS IN HOLLYWOOD and elsewhere they sing and dance,because that's thair way.***HOWEVER THE TRUE SAINTS AMONG US ARE THE SIMPLE builders of the streets, the street sweepers,the 
humble protectors of the environment,even the POLICEMAN who patrols the beat and has to reflect on the lack of proper upbringing of certain people.*****  

Copyright 2009 Moni Care Agency 6658: Psychics and Mediums.  All Rights Reserved. 
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