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As the 75th in the sequential order of animal's, MAN LIVES ON EARTH and goes through life losing the sense of seeing and hearing, as well as the power of speech. We have become insensitive to our fellow beings.  For more than a hundred thousand years, we have come to resemble externally the inhabitants of the animal world. The big animals devour the smaller ones to obtain nutrition and to survive, but not feed themselves on their own kind,even if these specimen are blurred or oily,as the desert sand,whether they live in luxurious surroundings or not,or if their skin colors darkened in the open wheat fields or in the bushes of Africa*****  
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Connect with the wonders of nature and enjoy every minute of your life.  After all, it is love which operates your heart. Love everything and everybody who lives on this miraculous Earth of ours. Feel at home since you belong here as much as the tree, the creeks, the mountains and the flowers.****Life is a time-journey**Accordingly, respect Earth where you first saw sunshine, discover life and its cycles -- even in a small ant -- and learn to esteem god's wonderful creation:**man**
***HAPPY EARTLY YEAR***Pease of lost Souls,Your succescess,your faults,your sins,your faithlessness,take their origine from your previous lives experiences.OUR GOD is our Mother & Father on Earth.***Our Happy Mothers on this Earth be consecrated your name,come that time,when they look upon you too,as on Jesus Mother happy Mary.
Your children are being kept under your hearth in case of you blessed Mothers who were helped to become pregnant,thanks to you blessed Fathers, who likewise the spring 
sunrays made the SAINT SPIRIT to be embodied in the wombs of their chosen women.***And you all should get to the end of your entertainment of trying to find out which one is cleverer or weaker or wheter you are aqual or not.Because you both,Men and Women together are totolly aqual.***You should not forget thet in case,if you were 
born to be a Men in this life in your future life you will be born as a Women.***No wonder why many people are afraid of *REALM OF DARKNESS AFTER DEATH. SINCE THE SECRET KEY OF ETERNAL LIFE AND HAPPYNESS HAD BEEN LOST FOR EVER.***Why do you think that the trees can be found on our Earth at present,may have 
**HERE IS THIS RESPECT**,I do not want to blame any faith or any religion or to criticize for the expl:CATHOLIC CHURCH I know its characteristics well enught.**All those 
who were born to be a priests or pastors in the last century they all belonged to Churches and for our *GREATEST SURPRISE EVERYBODY MET THE CRIST PERSONALLY,WHEN HE WAS KNOWN ON EARTH AS *JESUS*because they were also JEWS IN THEIR PREVIOS LIFES and later Reincarnation they was the first christians persecution Roman Empire begins whit Nero fallowed to be eaten up by the starving lions,others were mutilated or crippled,inprisoned to the penitentiaries,eiter hanged or shot donw do to their faith**BE LOVE AT PRIESTS IN YOUR PRELIMINERY LIVES you were the most respectful husbands for your wifes and children the best fathers,you brought up the most orphans all over the Earth in your Previos lives together with nuns in harmony who were also**DIVINE CREATURES LIKE MENY OF YOU.**A short exp:*HOLY FATHER,PAUL II the pop was born in Poland.He was the strongest men folk in Egypt on Cleopatra time.He was that person who took the cross away from *Jesus*while carrying it within great sufferings on his way of calvary**it was him the only human being who was reincarnated 7 /seven / times and wroth different religios books for the Catholic Church...***In spite of all this in his next Reincarnation when he was liveing one honest life,his wife was at that time**MOTHER TERESA**They saw each other in this life to**WHAT WAS THEY FILLING LIKE AT THIS MOMENT ??**DO YOU KNOW**they both was punished for their faith by the INQUISITION TIME****HOLY FATHER PAUL II HAS COMMITTED only one fault when he begged pardon in the name of Religion for the dreadful Inquisition that was believed to have been connected with the Catholic Church.The fact is the INQUISITION are still alive even now adays,they are here amoung us.To submit more various laws to the Legistlative Assembly for Legality***far from the mankind's interest.
***JUSTICE & RELIGION***HOLY FATHER BENEDICT XVI***He is the first Cristians imprisoned to the penitentiaries followed to be eaten up by the starving lions from his previos life***nothing change fom that time***you push him again***you people the hungry lions***Holy Father Benedict XVI***he is Reincarnated from Moses time*the same 
strongest man folk from Egypt in Cleopatra's time to***He was the best friend of Jesus from his young age untell his last days***
Each minute is precious in every man's life who was born an the Earth whit every moment the year 2013 is closer and closer,for 2.012.000 years al the time the minutes have
been the same like today,every wher in the *WORLD*STOP THESE *UNHAPPY MINUTES*WE SHALL HAVE TO DO THIS BECAUSE *WE HAVE ONLY A FEW MINUTES TO LIVE****Every minute man folk LOSE THEIR JOBS AND NO MONEY TO BY BREAD to their families.***Every minute a gray haired man cry childish like because HE OR SHE CAN"T PAY  THEIR MOUNT BY MOUNT EXPENSES and not got enough money to BY THEIR MEDICATION***Every minute some body GETS DIVORCED do to lack of understanding.***Every minute families remain whit out their houses due to bombardments and ABANDON THEIR NATIVE LAND***Every minute a man dies because of weapons and the CHILDREN BECOME ORPHANS***Every minute some body is ARRESTED AND PRESONED IN JAILS for a different reason.***Every minute A PARENT 
DIES caused by the longing AFTER THEIR CHILDREN WHO HAVE LEFT FOR OTHER COUNTRY AND NEVER TO RETURN,HAVING ABANDONET THEM****Every minute we have lesser and lesser FRESH AIR WE NEED SO MUCH TO LIVE***Every minute we have lesser and lesser CLEAN WATER WE ARE IN NEED OF WE ARE THIRSTY***Every minute we have got less food caused by NATURAL DISESTERS.****I WILL STOP ALL OF THIS NAMED ABOVE****
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****WHAT ARE WE WOMEN****? Have you ever asked this question on your turn ?Our ancestor *MOTHER EVE* had to pick the apple by herself from the tree because ADAM WAS ALREADY LAZY even by that time.I think it must have been a mistake heritad by birth....****She divided the apple with Adam and the snakes folloved to be born on Earth deaf and dumb !!!!! Since that period of time****Throughout the history the man folk went to fight in wars and left our Great-Grand-Mothers at home. To sow and harvest wheat.When the women could not send them enough food the hungry fighters made their ways back.....starving in ragged uniforms either with bandaged heads or with missing limbs like arms legs and they were fed up by women continously until they died.Leaving the wordly welfare for ever behind them.***THIS WAY OF LIVING OF THEIRS HAS NOT CEASED TO EXIST EVEN OUR DAYS.***THAT IS TOO MUCH DON'T YOU OBSERVE ?**DON'T YOU THINK ???***
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To play golf on age at 100**ore have a dog show in TV**or SEEING ON TV HOW THE YOUNG GOOD LOOKING HEALTY GENERATION DIE IN WAR ALL OVER THE 
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